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And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

(Habakkuk 2:2)

The vision of Restoration Church of Worship is to reconnect mankind to God based on biblical principles, the purpose and plan that He established for governing our lives. This will include those of any race or cultural background, with a strong emphasis placed on true sacrifice of praise and worship to the living God. With the belief which is found in Romans 10:9 that all who call on the name of the Lord through confession of sins and true repentance living according to the word of God shall be saved. We will hold standards of holiness that will bring glory to God and the ministry that is ordained by Him. All are welcome to attend free from judgment. Encouraging the family unit, marriage support and healing from addictions are a few of the goals of the ministry. 

     There is one Pastor who will oversee the Restoration Church of Worship body and he is mentored by his spiritual father and Bishop who oversees the Grace Fellowship International. The Pastor of the Restoration Church of Worship, with the spirit of excellence, will be lead of God to maintain a congregation with a board of Deacons, and Trusties who will intern oversee other ministries of helps within the church body. These other ministries will consist of: Sunday school; Youth Leaders; Usher Board; Greeters; Music Ministry; Security; Maintenance Services; Missionary; and Media Operations; Men and Women*s Ministries; etc. Each member of these ministries of helps will report directly to the president of the ministry who intern will report to the Pastor. 

     The board of trusties will handle the financial responsibilities of the ministry and they will give a consistent report to the Pastor as well as the Administrative Assistant of the church. New members will be given any information consisting of the organizations beliefs as well as any information pertaining to the Restoration Church of Worship. Services will consist of Sunday school, Sunday Worship Services, Wednesday Bible Study and possible future Friday Night Worship Experience. Future vision is to establish a Food Pantry and clothing bank that will operate on a daily basis, as well as a Bookstore that provide resources for the community. An Addiction Resource Center, A Mentoring Program and a Day Care Center are other future vision of the ministry to provide parents a safe place to leave their children during work hours. 

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